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Term 1 2021 - 1 February - 2 April 2021
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Our studio offers a variety of dance classes for all skill levels & ages.

We are passionate about helping each dancer achieve their highest potential, while also having as much fun as possible.

Have a look at our class offering below to find the one that best fits your needs..

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Dance first. Think later.
It's the natural order.
Ages 5-7 yrs
Every Tues - 3-3:30pm

This class is currently suspended due to COVID-19.

Facilitated by: Meagan Miller & Lauren Stiles

This creative movement class is aimed at young dancers to develop gross & fine motor skills through movement & music. Using props, Disney inspired music & dance based games, this programme is a fun-filled way to teach fundamental dance technique, build self-confidence & social skills. 

This class is a huge hit with the little ones! Loaded with fun & possibly even a sweet treat at the end, to reward their enormous effort.

See you soon...

Booking essential as space is limited.



Broadway, this way!
Ages 8 to 10 yrs

Facilitated by: Meagan Miller

Something brand new to the valley and offered to junior dancers. This musical theatre inspired class promotes performance! Combining jazz dance technique, creative movement & popular musical theatre combinations, this class harnesses creative energy & is loaded with fun!

Come & have a blast with us!

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to reach out at anytime.



and if the music is good, you dance..
Ages 13+
Every Thurs - 5:45-6;30pm

Facilitated by: Chesney Stanfield & Lauren Stiles 

This class is full of fierceness & passion!

A combination of street & commercial Hip Hop with a strong focus on building strength & stamina for dance. Providing an opportunity to master classic Hip Hop based movements while trying out new moves each week. 

You will leave feeling exercised & energised! 

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There are shortcuts to happiness & dancing is one of them
Offered for beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Facilitated by: Meagan Miller

This class provides fundamental dance training using jazz influence. The syllabus Includes lyrical, contemporary, commercial, modern jazz, broadway jazz & more...

There is a strong emphasis on developing musicality & precision in dance with performance & expression!

A great class for students looking to build technique, discipline for dance & confidence. 

This is our 'house brand' offering & we look forward to you trying it out with us soon.

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Life is better when you line dance!
Fun for the whole family...
To be added to timetable shortly.

This class is suspended due to COVID-19.

This social dance class is suitable for all ages and is all about exercising while having fun! Every week introduces new, easy-to-learn, choreographed line sequences, that stimulate the mind & relieve stress. You don't need a partner for this class & no previous dance experience is required. 

Grab your boots & join us! 



darling, don't ever be too shy to dance your heart out...
Ages 8-12 years
Every Wed - 4:15-5pm

Improvisation is an integral part of dance and is the skill of spontaneously creating movement. As a dancer, it is helpful to explore how to development movement through a creative process. 

Improvisation helps to build confidence in dancers, inspire creativity, promote awareness of the body & musicality. When working with other dancers, improvisation helps to build trust and develop collaborative skills.

This class will teach skills through fun dance improv games, using varying styles of music & exploring the elements of dance: Space, Time and Force.



Stretch, strengthen and spacial.
Ages 13+
Every Monday at 3;30-4;15pm

Horton is a programme developed by Lester Horton, in the US, and has no style per se. The class emphasises a whole body, anatomical approach to dance. Horton uses flat backs, lateral stretches, tilt lines, & lunges, all movements found in a jazz warm-up.

Modern Ballet Dancer


Watch this space...

We will shortly be adding various other genres to our offering. 

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have - simply contact us or stop by.