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After more than ten years, of successful service, in both the public & private dance sector, Movement & Miller is Meagan Miller's new passion project!

Established in 2020, she is creating what she wishes had always existed- an affordable state-of-the-art dance studio, on the doorstep of the Deep South, where dancers can fall in love with movement, indulge in the joy of dance, enjoy exposure to the most inspiring genres and faculty, all while gaining technique.

Miller obtained her international teaching qualification through the Association for International Dance Teachers (AIDT) under the tutelage of Sarah Cookney & currently works for the Western Cape Education Department (WCED), where she leads the top Dance Studies Department in the province, at Fish Hoek High School. 

She is an active member of the dance community through her memberships with AIDT, Western Province Dance Teachers Association (WPDTA) & WCED & is passionate about the role that dance plays in the South African education system. She is committed to creating opportunities for young dancers & to uplifting the dance industry in South Africa. 

Movement and Miller offers classes with a diverse faculty of teachers, facilitating classes in various styles, including: 

Meagan Miller, Chesney Stanfield, Lauren Stiles and Tyra Buncombe. 

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The Movement and Miller philosophy is  to engage students in a collaborative  and creative process through participation and reflection.

To develop a multifaceted physicality through training in dance techniques.

To awaken new perceptions in children which help them learn and think in new ways and to engage critical thinking and a curiosity for dance.

To nurture unique , inclusive  and diverse live performances to share with our community.

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Life is better when you're dancing...

General dress code for Modern jazz or Contemporary class: 

Leotard or unitard

Leggings or shorts or jazz pants

Crop tops or fitted tops

Barefoot or socks

General dress code for Hip Hop or Zumba class: 

Leotard or unitard

Leggings or shorts

crop tops or fitted tops

Clean sneakers or takkies

Hair and grooming for dance: 

Hair to be pulled off the face for all dance classes. While a ponytail can be worn in some styles, a bun is recommended as it is the most secure and distraction free hairstyle. 

No jewellery to be worn to class. 

What to bring to class: 

Arrive 10 minutes before class to get focused and warm up ahead of class. 

Bring your own water bottle and sweat towel. 

Arrive with as little as possible.