Our new normal.

As we enter 2021 we are focused on being more disciplined than ever! Keeping our dancers, staff and visitors healthy and safe is our top priority.

The following protocols have been adopted to navigate this pandemic & must be strictly adhered to at all times:

  • Class sizes have been reduced to ensure safety and social distance.

  • Before entering the studio each day, every dancer will need to sanitise their hands and have their temperature recorded.

  • The studio will be sanitised between lessons.

  • Social distancing is to be observed at all times. No sharing of space will be allowed. 

  • Masks are to be worn upon entry and may only be removed if sufficiently distanced from other dancers. We will ensure care is taken to allow time for breathing and recovering after movement.

  • Good ventilation will be maintained at all times. Our sliding doors and windows will be open for every class.

  • Washing of hands and maintaining good hygiene is encouraged at all times.  

  • Sharing of hand towels and cups is now prohibited. 

  • Please bring your own water bottle to class. 

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